1. Choose U products

Sign In and Visit Our Website Choose the Product You Want

2. Place U order

Once you Place your order by clicking Quick Order or Enquire button at the top right. No payment is required when placing an order.

3. Upload U Artwork

Upload your Artwork by sending email to info@usigns.com.au

Or if you need us to design the Artwork for you send email to design@usigns.com.au

4. Processing For U

Review and Confirm your Order Details.

Our internal sales team will receive your order notice and check all the documents you uploaded. If they have any questions, problems or need to discuss the artwork you need us to complete for you, they will contact you in time to further discuss the order.

5. Make U Payment

Once Confirm the order details, A tax invoice email  requesting full payment ahead of dispatching will send to you.

You can make payment by EFT Online

6. Production for U

Once we receive the payment remittance by email, the Oder will be released to production accordingly.

7. Dispatch for U

Order finish and Dispatch.

8. Completion

Our dispatch coordinator will release the production when the payment is fully paid, A confirmation email with a courier tracking number will be sent to you. Or notify you that production is ready to be collected.

If your order is not paid in full, we will email you to inform you that your order is ready and waiting for payment. As soon as we receive payment, we ship immediately.