Rainbow Window Film Dichroic Window Sticker Iridescent Glass Adhesive Film


  • Product Color: As picture show
    VLT(Visible Light Transmission): 75%
    IR Rej(Infrared Rejection):55%
    UV Rej(Ultraviolet Rejection):99%
    Product include:1PCS
    Product Advantage
    → Energy saving and environmental protection, reduce air-conditioning, heating brought about by the high tariffs.
    → Anti-UV intrusion, protection of indoor items fade and aging.
    → Filter strong light, reduce glare, protect skin and eyesight.
    → Increase glass strength, reduce personal injury and protect property, build invisible protective net.
    → Improve the appearance of the building and beautify the indoor living environment.
    → Easy to install paste, easy to clean, resistant to friction, no special maintenance.
    → Economical and practical, does not fade, does not have the bubble, the use time is long.